North County Photography Studio Rental

Photo Studio Rental

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North County's best photo studio is now available to rent for half and full day rentals. See rates and book online

Whether you are renting our studio space as a photographer or hiring our in-house photographer for your shoot , we have you covered from A to Z!

Need a makeup artist or hairstylist? We can supply you with a full creative team to bring your brand or product to the next level!

In addition to the best photo and video studio rentals in North County, We have an entire team of creative professionals in-house to help you capture your vision! From Headshots, fashion shoots, lifestyle photography, apparel photography, commercial product photography , makeup artists, hairstylists, Muah, wardrobe stylists, retouch editors, video editors...It’s all here in one convenient location!  

Still Photography studio rental rates:

1/2 day = 5 hours = $300 (Studio only no equipment rentals/lights)

1/2 day rate studio rental includes photo/video studio white 11x21 Cyclorama, 2 makeup stations, Private changing room, client/talent lounge area.

1/2 day studio with profoto lights = 5 hours = $450 (Includes studio gear light stands,c-stands, and 4 (500) watt Profoto strobes w/modifiers)

Full Day = 10 hrs= $600 (Studio only no equipment rentals/lights)

Studio rental includes photo/video studio white 11x21 Cyclorama

Full Day 10 Hr Studio rental with profoto lights = $850 includes: photo/video studio white 11x21 Cyclorama, 4 (500) watt TTL Profoto strobes soft box modifiers, beauty dish, grid set, large umbrella w/diffusion, 4x8 scrim, 2 black and white flats or foam boards with stands, apple boxes, sand bags,clamps, 2 deep profoto umbrellas/ light stands/C stands/2 makeup stations/client lounge/wardrobe changing room, gated private parking, wifi, bluetooth sound system

Profoto lights and gear are available for rent:

(500w) Profoto D2s TTL

(500w) Profoto B1s TTL

(250 W) Profoto B10s TTL

Profoto Light modifiers,Softboxes, large umbrellas, deep dish umbrellas, beauty dish, c- stands,sand bags, light stands, 2 work station desks.

Camera rentals: Nikon D5 and lenses, Cannon 7d,5d,1d

See our in house rental department for Video rentals and more

Additional backdrops also available for rent:

white, black,grey + various color paper backdrops

20x20 green screen, black or white muslin are available for rent)

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